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Our story


ur story began in 2018. We are professionals working in IT & Software development industry with multi-cultural environment. We found that it challenge to recruit technical talent in the many industry as recruiter requires an overall understanding of the IT business, functions of different roles, customer specific needs, and background or technical skills required for their candidates.

We believe that hiring the right technical talent can help you achieves extraordinary breakthroughs, drive innovation and creativity, and no one can help you better than IT professional themselves.

Today, with our exceptional services and experiences in the industry we are blessed to connect our clients with much-needed technical talent.

Our vision:

“access to global opportunities and participate in local culture.”

Our mission:

“Empowering people through the value of opportunity”

Placement & Outsource Service and why do you need it?

Over the past years, demand for quality IT candidates has experienced phenomenal growth as technology has become a fundamental part of the business. Organizations are increasingly expected to hire skilled IT talent available. With limited resources, hiring managers and recruiting teams are often understaffed and unable to do the groundwork necessary to recruit the most qualified IT talent.

By partnering with tech recruitment companies like PROLocalist, companies can expand their network of available candidates for placement or outsource position. To actualize the key benefits of an IT Recruitment service, our IT recruiters streamline and supporting your hiring process to support your business success.

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What makes us different?

  • Direct Experience – Recruiting IT talent isn’t just finding and filling roles. With our direct experience in IT roles, we understand the technical foundations required for IT talent.

  • Customer-Centric – We have a commitment to provide the very best customer service & experience as we want to be part of your success and invite you to be part of ours.

  • Access to the best candidates – We have access to a range of candidates and growing the database of talented IT professionals. So that we can spot technical ability and candidates that aligns with your company target and values.

Our Process

How we work with Candidates?

Identify the hiring needs

• Receive new vacancies with the job description, qualifications, provided salary and company’s benefits

Offering shortlisted & Interview scheduling

• Providing shortlisted candidates’ resume and getting feedback if client need more specific attributesInterview scheduling throughout testing (if any)

Candidate consideration & Offering

Offering and Negotiating the successful candidates with the salary and company’s benefits

Onboarding & Following up

• Supporting client to help new  staff start the 1st day at new workplaceStaying in touch with client guarantee or contract period

How we work with Client?

Screening & Shortlisting

Screening qualified resume & in-depth interviewing via onlineOffering the candidate with the client’s provided salary and benefits

Interview & Testing scheduling

• Scheduling  and supporting  interested candidates in pre & post interview and test (if any)Sharing client feedback and giving advice for further interview

Candidate consideration & Offering

Offering and Negotiating the successful candidates with the salary and company’s benefits

Onboarding & Following up

• Coordinating with new staff and supporting them in onboarding periodStaying in touch with the new staff through guarantee or contract period

Looking for current job openings?

Explore a current job openings with a company we represents.
Leave us your contact with a message to let us know how we may be of assistance.

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